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Metal Storage Basket


Product Code: WS-10052


Tough and classic, the wrought iron crisscross tray looks truly distinct. It’s sturdy form can hold heavy loads. It is perfect for carrying files and papers. Aesthetically, it makes a great addition to the work desk, keeping it organised and clutter free in a stylish manner. 

VERSATILE WIRE BASKETS OFFER ENDLESS STORAGE OPTIONS – Decorative openwork metal baskets provide fabulous storage for every room in the house. Perfect for the kitchen to hold oils or in the pantry for storing packages, mason jars or canned goods. They’re great for holding towels in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

METAL AND WOOD DESIGN – These stylish baskets offer the best of both worlds… a rustic metal wire design with a modern wooden edge in Natural Wood.

DECORATIVE AS WELL AS FUNCTIONAL – In addition to offering the perfect storage solution for any of your possessions, these sturdy wire baskets beg to be displayed. They look incredible on a shelf, table or bookcase, make great displays at an exhibit or craft fair, and are ideal to add elegance to wedding decor.

BUILT-IN HANDLES OFFER EASY PORTABILITY – Wooden Grip handles are built into the metal wire, making these baskets easy to carry. Store bath toys, children’s books or linens in them and you can carry them from room to room in style.

Dimensions : 31.6 x 31 x 15.6 cm

Dimensions - 30 x 23
Weight - 1.05
Color - Grey
Primary Material - Metal