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Silicone Mitt | Trivet


Product Code: WS-20022


Inspired by the modern modesty of Japanese design, the intelligent silicone oven mitt doubles as a heat resistant trivet for holding and serving. While the front looks like a simple table mat, the back opens to comfortably fit like a glove for a firm grip. The textured surface adds the non-slip feature

  • 18cms X 18cms Square Prograde FDA Approved Silicone Mitt | Mulit-funtional design to hold, serve and act as a place mat or trivet |
  • Withstands Temperature upto 600º F or 315º C | Dishwasher Safe | Avoid Contact with Flame
  • Grips your hand to hold a tray, pan easy for cooking and allows you to place any hot utensil on it at the same time

Dimensions - 18 x 18 cm
Weight - 130 g
Color - Silicone
Primary Material - Silicone