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Silicone Sphere Ice Ball Tray


Product Code: WS - 20027


The ice tray is designed to dispense uniquely shaped ice spheres. Pour water through each opening in the enclosed tray. Once formed, the premium quality flexible silicone makes it easy to pull out the six perfectly spherical ice

  • Pro-Grade FDA Approved Silicone | BPA Free | Dishwasher safe
  • Each Tray produces 6 fine 1.75" Ice Spheres
  • Flexible ice mold is leak free and won't crack or break like plastic ice trays, Easy to fill, Easy to use, Easy to clean flexible silicone tray.
  • Perfect for Whiskey Drinks, Highball, Cordial & Liqueur Glasses. Elegant addition to your bar & refrigerator.

Dimensions - 5.5 x 20 cm - 12.5 ltr
Weight - 190 g
Color - Silicone
Primary Material - Silicone