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Strong Scented Candles Set of 3 pcs

(Grape Fruit Gardern | Cherry Blossom | Lemon Grass| |

Product Code: WS-10061.


Grapefruit - Bitter -Sweet Scent with a touch of Citrusy freshness lends an elegant mood -lifting Aroma to the space

Cherry Blossom Spring - Powdery Sweet Floral Scent with a hint of Fruity Tanginess exudes a Joyous lightness in the atmosphere

Lemon Grass Zen - Sharp Citrus Freshness with Mildly Spicy notes awakensthe senses and rejuvenates the mind.

Pure, Rich Food Grade Paraffin Wax Fragranced By The World'S Finest Scented Oils.

Waabi-Saabi Candle provides Consistent Fragrance Release, Longer Burn Time And Even Wax Burn With Less Soot

Natural Bamboo Airtight lid to preserve the fragrance when not in use.

Burn Time : 18 hours each.


Dimensions - 4*6 cms
Weight - 400 gms
Color - IVORY
Primary Material - Wax