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Add a touch of Zen in the den

March 30, 2018

A lot of the world’s neo-cultural influences come from the land where dawn breaks first. Japan has given our palates the gourmet pleasures of sushi; infused wellness products with the subtle scent of blushing cherry blossoms; advanced with cutting edge technology and the timeless philosophies of Confucius that are more relevant than ever today.

It’s no surprise that our homes have opened doors to Japan-inspired art and decor. Globally people are turning their homes into Zen spaces by simply adding (sometimes removing) a few things. Decor pieces in earth-inspired colours that also serve a functional purpose is all that’s needed.

Waabi Saabi brilliantly marries efficiency with design excellence to present collections that not only add functional value into a home but also a sense of aesthetics. Modern lifestyles led by the principles of the still-so-relevant Confucius philosophies truly appreciate Waabi Saabi for how it brings a sense of consciousness in daily routines. His words, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” resonate in the pieces which bring a positive change towards a better future.