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Fading out footprints

March 27, 2018

The future is nothing if its not green. And every step to reduce our footprint, is making it greener. Waabi Saabi’s carefully curated collection of sustainable products are a delight to the eco-friendly individual as well as to the luxurista. Crafted from the sustainable bamboo fibre, the selection of premium tableware is the fine China of the future.

I love that nature-sourced raw material goes into the making of my everyday things. The burden of eventually disposing it is reduced because what’s taken from Earth is going back into it, without causing imbalance in the ecosphere.

Since it’s the beginning of this year, and we all pledge to adopt positive changes, I want to mention the piece that inspired change in me. The bamboo fibre commuter cup.

As a coffee-addict, I often need to take mine ‘to go’ – either a home brew in my plastic commuter cup or from Starbucks in a paper one. So, I’m either at peril for regularly sipping a hot beverage from plastic or I’m cruel to the environment.

The Waabi Saabi commuter cup is as firm as plastic and as light as the paper. Its spill-proof and reusable. Sometimes I carry my home coffee in it or just bring it to Starbucks for a fill. Now the only guilt with every sip is the amount of sugar in my coffee.